Essential Reads


Reading is an essential part of being able to learn and grow as an individual. We are lucky to be able to take a glimpse into the minds of the world’s renown teachers, masters, and mentors who are willing to share their life-changing advice to us. As I keep reading, I will expand this list in books that have helped me personally and others.  A core value that we have is to always keep improving yourself, and 10 pages of an amazing book will change your life. Feel free to share what has helped you personally develop as the person you want to be.

Financial Success

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge is an incredible novel that will lead you towards a life full of success through your daily actions. The idea of how your habits lead to your success is absolutely crucial to understand in order to maximize your potential in life. Jeff Olsen describes his journey to success from starting off as a naive 22-year-old to becoming a successful multi millionaire through his businesses and he teaches the simple idea of how discipline is the true key to success. You can be a genius but if you don’t take the right actions towards your goals you will fall short in the long run.  With an easy to read format filled with amazing and powerful quotations, this is one self-development book one in all as it will help you with anything in life.


Personal Growth

Dale Carnegie’s  How to Win Friends and Influence People

A timeless book that is necessary to understand in order for success in social interactions in life. This book will help you understand what people are really interested in, and Dale Carnegie understands that human beings inherently love themselves the most so the key to good social relationships is to have a genuine interest in others and being authentic with your interactions. If everyone understood the principles in this book than in this fast paced instant gratification filled the world where social skills are dwindling, we’d have a lot easier times connecting and understanding each other.


No More Mr. Nice Guy  by Robert A. Glover

This book is powerful and it will hit you deep in the chest if you are not prepared to dive deep within yourself. However, this journey that No More Mr. Nice Guy puts you through will leave you as a better man or human being with being able to get what you want in life and letting go of shame and resentment that is holding back millions of men in our society who are growing up with certain ideals and values that are not designed for their success.  This will help you become a more honest, direct, and better man when it comes to life as a whole to not be passive and to take more action.


Spiritual Growth

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A very popular book that may seem out of the ordinary to the average individual, however Eckhard Tolle describes his conflict with depression and suicidal thoughts and describes on how he has gotten through his struggles and many powerful lessons that he has learned from his experiences combines with thousands of years of evidence from different kinds of religious background. This is a book if you are looking to understand the human condition more and what drives us to despair and how you can better understand the pain-body system as he describes. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is going through a difficult time in life or who is looking to better understand themselves on a deeper level.




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