What exactly is this?

Welcome to Becoming Limitless, a guide to help optimize your lifestyle through the innovation of Nootropics. We will teach you what they are and help you incorporate them in your life to help you gain the edge you need to succeed and become the best version of yourself by allowing you to become a more motivated, focused, and harder working individual.


Who are you?

Just an individual looking to spread knowledge in the hope that it will benefit someone’s life and perhaps make life easier since life can get pretty rough at times.

I am interested becoming the best version of myself through various methods and am an avid nootropic user. I frequent reddit.com/r/nootropics often and do a lot of my research online and am very interested in how nootropics will only keep gaining popularity and traction as time goes on. Therefore, I am here to help you, along with myself to improve your If you are not one who is open to new ideas or trying new things, then feel free to turn away.I have used nootropics often, and they have drastically improved my life so I am here to share my knowledge and wisdom with people as it becomes more accepted in time.

I have also with me a good friend of mine, Gustavo. He will write articles as well and help me in the process of setting this site up as it is our first. Feel free to provide any feedback to us.


How often do you post?

It depends on how busy I am in life, but I am very passionate about helping others and myself learn how to make life easier for everyone. I will try to write a post at least once a week, so please follow and share with people for encouragement.