Think less, do more.

5 seconds to live or die….

In an instant, your mind switches to fight or flight mode and you act on instinct. You’re not overthinking every action you take, you are completely running on your own intuition along with the adrenaline. In that instant, you take the action that will ensure your survival.

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of mental decisions to do or not to do. Whether it is choosing what to eat or to hit the gym or work on a business we have an infinite amount of possibilities to how our days go.

The question is how are you maximizing your day to get closer toward your ambitions in life or whether you are further distancing yourself from it?

What do you choose?

Would you rather sit back and let yourself fade away from the dreams, goals, and life that you can have?

Or stop overthinking it and start taking massive action to be able to live how you want?

The secret to change is to have the ability to take action within 5 seconds. You must train your mind to let go of bad habits such as procrastination which is inevitably delaying your own success.

If you overthink a decision and let an opportunity pass you by, you are left with guilt and regret. This will not allow you to succeed as you want.

A person who is successful is able to reach a decision quickly but then change their decision later on slowly.

Start knowing what you want in your life and start to go after it without hesitation, doubt, shame, or fear. Let go of anything that is restraining yourself from becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Start trusting your gut

You must start following your intuition. The feeling from your heart that tells you to take action. Start taking action towards your desired lifestyle by putting yourself into the right paradigm or multitude of habits that move you subconsciously.

Did you know the average individual does not think about where they could go anywhere on the planet if money wasn’t an issue? They’re so tied up with pressures from their job, studies that they don’t think about what it is they even want in life.

Shift your mindset from one of mediocrity and averageness without any desires or goals to one of determination, persistence, and full of desires and goals.

Start training yourself to count down before a task you must do and you will see incredible results as your brain creates this a habit.

See laundry sitting there? 5..4.3..2.1. Do it.

See a cute person and you want their number. Same principle.

Apply to anything in your everyday life that you would normally hesitate, doubt your self into thinking you’re not worthy or have to do it and you will see a massive change in your life.

This seemingly simple, yet effective habit is one you can start using in your everyday life to start doing the things you have put off or have been afraid of because of your lack of confidence.

You are your own worst enemy

Once the alarm sounds off are you one to snooze infinitely until you are late and you miss deadlines or do you jump out of bed ready for the day?

If I had to pick one I’d be the second person even as relaxing as it may seem to snooze you are actually doing more damage than good to yourself.

For example, hitting that button on snooze will result in

  • A disrupted sleep cycle
  • Poor attitude towards your day by delaying it
  • Less time that can be used on positive actions
  • Failure in job/studies/responsibilities

And these are just a few! All coming from a single action of hitting the snooze button. Imagine how other ways you may be delaying yourself from reaching your true potential.

Seemingly small actions can cause ripples which in large numbers will affect your life massively if you are not careful. You must become conscious of these actions that may be slowing you down and limiting you from success.

Imagine what you can become

Perhaps you could be doing a marathon if you start to run more consistently and become a top athlete?

Perhaps you can go up that attractive person and ask them out and have one of the most fulfilling relationships of your life?

Perhaps you could be working on growing your business and start becoming financially independent?

Start realizing that every minute of every hour counts and is extremely important if you want to be able to grow and develop to become the best possible person that you can be.

Don’t be afraid of success.

Success wants to invite you into it. You just have to start taking the right actions, have the right mindset, attitude,  and stop damaging your own progress.

It’s always easier to take the other route and feed your mind off jealousy, envy, hatred and negative views and emotions. Most people do because it’s easier. However, they fall into a trap of their own mind and are constantly self-conscious and overwhelmed often by life.

Don’t fall into this trap and have an attitude of success, of a millionaire.

You deserve to live that desired lifestyle, to be with that person that matches you, to have what your heart desires. You just have to want it bad enough to be able to put yourself out there in situations that will help you grow and learn.

Try to put yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable and start to thrive in these situations and you will see yourself accelerate faster than you have before.

You have the answers already inside of you, and your potential is massive. You just have to trust yourself and listen to your instinct and stop overthinking so much about everything no matter what it is.

Hope everyone has a blessed week and looking to share my progress on my own journey soon via instagram @becoming__limitless on a new page I’m working on for this site!






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