Let your Inner Conflict Build You

Life will constantly test you throughout your journey.  Without adversity, we wouldn’t be forced to move out of our comfort zones in order to take actions to adapt and move on.

These tests are set in place in order to prove your persistence and determination in achieving the lifestyle and goals you desire in your life.

People will leave your life, things will go to ruin, and there will be dark times. However, no matter what happens you must never forget what it is you set out to do in life. As humans, we have an amazing ability to train our mindset in order to set our life towards the desired goals and dreams that we want,

You can either let pain build you or you can let it destroy you. I’m here to tell you can program your mind to allow to your benefit, to succeed in your goals and life.

What is it you truly want out of life?

You must set your mind to head towards what it is you want, but before that, you have to know what it is you truly want. Many people go through life without knowing who they truly are and what they enjoy doing and just live in comfort and suppress their dreams.

Perhaps it’s becoming financially independent, being away from stress and worries that plague the lives of so many people from living how they would want to live.

Or to connect and share extraordinary experiences with amazing people and see sights that you can only dream of. I plan on empowering others to live how they want to, and if you’re reading this I am in support of your dreams.

However, you must know what you want. If you don’t plan your life, then it will be planned for you.


Don’t be afraid to get support

Life can be tough, you may fall into old habits and fall back in your comfort zone and not work towards your goals. Don’t punish yourself as it’s natural to fall back, but ultimately DON’T GIVE UP. Once you set a goal, you should start making progress on it and keep the momentum going.

  • Reach out to mentors, family, and people who are more successful than you for advice, wisdom, and listen to their experiences.
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect and be open to talking to anyone and you may be surprised who may share your same struggle
  • Get into the success mindset by immersing yourself in a group of like-minded individuals whether it’s at school, a church, a business or a meetup group of people. We are social beings, always know you’re not alone. There’s always someone willing to hear out your story.
  • Seek out a therapist or a counselor or a close friend and be open about yourself and your journey. They will give you an open ear and help you understand you more about yourself. It is a mistake to get through pain by yourself completely.

Understand your value

I’m here to let you know that you are worth more than any amount of currency can equate. Inside of us is an immense amount of potential that is just waiting to be brought out but you have to work on yourself. Forget about selfishness or negative views on being the best version of yourself, it’s okay to be totally focused on yourself. In fact, that’s the best way to reach the results you want in life.

We all have knowledge, wisdom, and kindness along with our services to provide to each other. Whether you are good with technology, there’s someone out there that is aching for your knowledge.

Don’t neglect yourself, start developing a mindset of positivity. Transmute your adversity or your pain and struggles with power. Change your perspective of instead weighing you down let it bring you up.

Self-confidence comes from the lack of neglect. Good health comes from self-confidence.

Treat yourself right

You are what you eat. I don’t mean simply your diet, but your thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, the environment, and the people you surround yourself with. Start feeding your mind and your day with positive actions and beliefs within yourself that will propel you past the mass amount of people who are withered souls who fall into the trap of self-pity and endless pit holes of suffering. This is not to say depression isn’t a serious case, but being able to overcome your inner conflicts will allow you to become stronger individuals which in turn will allow you to become the best version of yourself.

  • Eat wholesome, healthy food that will power your body and mind with the right nutrients and energy to complete your goals. Don’t neglect your body along with your mind.
  • Start thinking for yourself, what do you desire to do in life? Be enthusiastic about your dreams and goals without care of others who put limitations which are inherently coming from themselves.
  • Cut out toxic individuals that seem to only pollute their environment with negativity, pessimism, and bitterness as they only will attract this energy to themselves.
  • Invest in skills, a growth mindset, and a lifestyle that you desire to have and work towards that. Start reading the experiences of people of who have done it and learn from them!

Give Before you Recieve

Become a giver in life. Too many people take and take without any second thought and before they know it their greed leads them to an unfulfilled life. Life is about giving to each other. During the holidays if you give a gift to someone you truly care about or for a birthday, think about the amazing feeling that is given when you show you truly care about the person. That feeling has power to it, and it should be shared. Give before you get, and life will align amazing things for you.

Understand that the knowledge and views that you may hold may be the key to someone in order to get through their own inner struggle.

  • Get involved with mentoring or giving back service to your community
  • Love yourself along with your flaws and everything before jumping into a relationship but don’t be afraid to express love to the right person.
  • Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability to the right person, they may be your key.
  • Give service, gifts without second thoughts of expectation. Expectation can lead to an unbalance in your life and is best to give for the sole benefit of giving.


My apologies to my readers for my delay, I plan on working a lot harder on this website as my mission to grow along with my website and I’m working hard every day to become the best version of myself and I am open to sharing my progress.

Life is quickly changing so fast and I’m adapting quick but I’m blessed to be alive everyday.

Follow me at @kemiz on snap chat and @imkemiz on Instagram

Peace and love to all.

As a last note, one of my favorite online mentors has an incredible video. Please check this video out from him.


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