How to Improve your Cognition and Memory

In our lives, we are pushed to our limits every day with all of the challenges that we must overcome. Whether it’s having enough energy to get through the day, to be able to study for long amounts of time or to have the willpower to be able to create an innovative new product.  It’s all about the combination of the right habits in your life. It takes dedication, self-discipline, and the ability to visualize where you want to be to be able to get there.

It’s all about the combination of the right habits in your life. The right supplementation will give you an extra edge, but it won’t if your paradigm is not properly aligned with your goals.  First of all, we’re going to identify any negative habits that you may be doing that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

This may be difficult to do, as we would like to believe everything that we do is good and helpful for us.  However, this isn’t always the case and at times we have to step back and look at it from a different perspective and be truly honest with ourselves.

Stop Multi-tasking

Frustrated office work at his desk

  • Results in unnecessary stress
  • You’re making the task harder
  • You lose concentration and focus
  • It allows distractions to take over, this will lead to frustration, stress, and you lose productivity.

You are not a machine capable of multi-tasking efficiently.

Try this out, open up 20 tabs of twenty different tasks you have to do.

Try to focus on one tab while having every available option there, what will your mind do?  Most likely, you will choose the easy way out and pick an easier task or maybe even work on a few different ones and then overwhelm yourself. Do yourself a favor and just close everything.

How do I stop?


1.) Eliminate all distractions, you have to get into the flow state. This is the state that you feel when you are focused on one task and only one task and you experience that tunnel vision and the drive to complete it.

2.) Stop overthinking the task at hand by letting other problems worrying you. When you set your time on a task, allow that task to become your main focus.

3.) Prioritize your tasks and get the hardest thing out of the way before the less difficult tasks. Don’t make things harder on yourself in the long run.

4.)  Become aware of how your mind is jumping around trying to do everything and stop for a second and ask why? Are deadlines overstressing you? Do you need to properly plan out your work more? Start to use spaced studying instead of doing your assignments all at once. You want time to be the friend, not the enemy.

5.) Learn to complete tasks more efficiently, learn to take the right breaks and use your energy efficiently as possible.

6.) Cut out habits that are not helping you and start replacing them with better ones that will help you on your journey. Less screen time, more reading time. Less browsing, more creating. Take action in life while you can.


Treat your body and mind right.

Your body and mind need to be given the right fuel.  I’m talking about improving what goes into your body.

What are you eating and how is that serving you?  Are you receiving enough nutrients from that candy bar vs a piece of fruit? Start to swap your poor eating habits to those that serve you and you will see your life will push you in the direction you’d like. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it.

  • Grab a bowl of tasty grapes and strawberries vs a bowl of chips
  • Read a book for 10 mins a day at least to become smarter (10 mins a day x 365 days will equate to an impressive amount of knowledge! Check my recommended books for books that will serve you instead of escape life)
  • Go for a 15-minute run once you feel stressed, and watch it all melt away once you’re done and ready to go on your project.
  • Get fresh air and feel the sun on your skin, humans aren’t meant to be indoors all day
  • Listen to audio that serves you, that empowers you in the task you are doing. Use the resources that are available on youtube such as beats to engage you in focusing.

There is also the aspect of the right supplementation to help you get a slight edge on whatever you are working on.

What supplements can aid me in memory or focus?


Bacopa Monnieri



I’m an avid fan of Bacopa, as it has impressive results once you take it after a while. However, I find the taste very bitter but it is worth it as it is great for improving cognition while reducing anxiety as well! What this herb does it promotes neuron communication by enhancing the rate at wich the nervous system can communicate by increasing the growth of nerve endings. has analyzed the effects of Bacopa Monnieri and has demonstrated that it is a worthy nootropic for people of all ages.

Disclaimer: Don’t expect to be an overnight success through this. If you are serious about increasing your brain’s capacities it will take time. Studies that are too short tend to note either lesser or no effects, and studies that take multiple measures note that improvements are much better at 8-12 weeks than they are at 4-6 weeks.

What does it do?

  • The highest effect is increasing memory reliably and effectively in healthy individuals during the cognitive decline.
  • Increasing attention, especially with individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD.
  • Reduces rises in anxiety, along with a reduction of overall stress.
  • Minor anti-depressive effect has been noted
  • Helps people grasp ideas better as there is an effect of forgetting less.

How do I supplement this?

Take it with food, as fatty absorption will enhance the absorption of it.

300 mg is the standard dose and 4-6 weeks daily for best results.

I highly recommend creating your own capsules to save money by buying bulk powders.




This is one of the strongest nootropics that has almost an immediate effect. It provides a boost to overall cognition with a very slight psychostimulatory effect. It is great for demanding tasks that stacks well with many other nootropics while being very price efficient for its usage. I’ve noticed how the focus is great and it’s wonderful for cram sessions where you have to do a lot of fo work in a short time period.

Dosage: 10-30 mg, powder form under the tongue or nasal spray

What are the effects?

  • Noopept aids in memory recall and formation
  • Neuroprotective properties =  reduced cognitive impairments from other sources such as aging or excessive alcohol use
  • NGF levels are increased which means  your body’s ability to create new cells is increased
  • Improved clarity
  • Improved focus

What are the dangers?

Noopept is very safe and is used as a common medicine in Russia to help treat cognitive deficit related disorders.  However, if not properly measured or used it can cause headaches, dizziness, restlessness, and irritability.


Where can I find Noopept?

There are many certificate nootropic vendors out there. I personally have had good experiences with Ceretropic, but there are others such as Liftmode or Nootrodepot.



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