Positive Energy, Positive life

To be able to live your life full of positive, grateful energy will enable you to truly become limitless. Learning self-discipline is key to achieving the life you desire. I will be providing motivational techniques to help support your goals and dreams.


Write down THREE  things you are grateful for today.


It will change your life.How many wonderful things go on in your life that you don’t stop to just be glad it’s there? What am I grateful about?

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Being alive

Taking a few seconds of your day to grab a pen and a piece of paper is one of the simplest ways to improving your life. To be able to write with good intentions and putting your pen will lead to good things. Everything is mental.


We create reality based on our thoughts and feelings. Change your perception of yourself is more important that other people’s perceptions. Change your thoughts, change your mind.


I don’t have time for that

Make time, life is short. We all die at one point. Become better at time management, start creating habits that will support the lifestyle you wish to have and just do it. You do have time, and you must understand yourself.

What self-defeating habits do you have that you constantly do that wear you down your goals? 

  • Too much TV
  • Spending too much time thinking negatively
  • Having low aspirations
  • Not having short and long term goals
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not eating healthier
  • Spending time doubting more than taking action
  • Sticking to your comfort zone

There’s no point in trying

There will be times that you may not have the energy to do certain things you want to do. However, the main challenge is learning to conquer the obstacles you will face in life. Being able to master your mind is essential to creating the lifestyle you want to have. There is no hope you say? You create this positive energy. Go on the journey to transform your life to be filled with limitless potential.

What else can I do to improve my life to be filled with more positive energy?

  • Learn about affirmations.
  • Start surrounding yourself with more positive people in your life
  • Let go of grudges, resentment and start living in the moment.
  • Learn to love yourself and others
  • Create habits that push you to become better
    • Lift, read, meditate, and exercise.
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Follow your dreams
  • Avoid people who only bring negativity to you

I can’t do that

But you can, and you will if you desire to soar through life full of self-fulfillment and positivity. The genes in you have unlimited potential, we’re able to change ourselves for the better. Construct a mindset that isn’t led by your inner doubt and I guarantee that you will live a more positive life. Leave your comfort zone. Don’t be ruled by inner doubt and people’s low expectations.

Why are you doing this?

I’m writing because it enables me to share what is on my mind. These are my own issues that I’m learning to conquer, and I’m sharing my journey as I go through it with my writing. If I can bring positivity to one person’s life through struggles of my own, then I am grateful. People have so much potential in them, once you start discovering a passion learn to surrender to yourself. Devote more time to it and good things will come.

You have the power in yourself. Don’t let others expectations dictate your life, you live your own life. If you ever have an issue I’m here to assist people on their journeys. We are all on our own, individual journeys. I will share my own from time to time and hope that it will assist you on your own.








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