The Hidden Magic of Essential Oils

What are they?

Essential oils are scented liquids that come from plants that contain natural chemicals that are often used in food flavorings, medicine, and aromatherapy. These are a holistic, natural way to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Many people are using them to create their own skincare and health product because of their great restorative attributes. Essential oils have been around for centuries and cultures all around the world have seen the magic of how they can treat a variety of ailments, naturally.


How do they work?

You can directly inhale the oils, or you can use a diffuser with a few drops of your selected oil.  You can even just grab a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, jojoba oil) and create a mixture of your own with your favorite types of oils and apply it to your skin and hair. Many of them have healing abilities that can alleviate many health issues such as inflammation, respiratory issues,  fungal infections, antiseptics, and even aid in hair growth and libido.  You can get innovative and create your own soap, deodorant, hair treatment or even chapstick.

Where do you get them?

You can find high-quality essential oils all over from supermarkets to online stores such as Amazon or independently owned businesses. You have to be careful and make sure it is actually an essential oil, and not simply just a scented oil. A few notable brands may include  Mountain Rose Herbs, Plant TherapyRadha Beauty you can find more info about them on their product pages.

Which ones should I try?

There’s so many of them to choose from, but you want to pick ones that work for you and your home. I will put more in-depth explanations for each different use of them in future guides, to be sure to follow this website or reach out to me.  Also if you have pets in your home, make sure to follow these guidelines because you don’t want to damage their health. Below are several categories where some essential oils can help you improve your lifestyle.

Safe use with dogs                                                     Safe use with cats



  • Lavender essential oil is great for relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. Diffuse this in your bedroom or put a few drops on your pillow for a great night of sleep. It’s known for it’s calming, relaxing effect and can also help with panic attacks, nervous stomach, finding inner peace, and reducing nervousness.
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil is great for relaxing because of it’s calming and uplifting nature. It is said to be able to help with courage, optimism, and cheerfulness. Put a few drops of this on a bed to help improve libido of you and your partner as it has a romantic, exotic scent to it. This oil is great also for a natural moisturizer along with a great hair treatment.
  • Frankincense essential oil: This is one of my personal favorites because it is referred to as the king of essential oils.  It has a variety of uses, most notably to reduce stress and anxiety. It was used often in Ancient Egypt because of how it can increase the intuition and your spiritual connection. It is great though to relieve stress because of how it is associated with a feeling of peace, relaxation, and satisfaction. This oil has many uses to it and is one of the most well-rounded oils that can aid with skin care, digestive health, sleep aid,  and applying it to the skin can reduce inflammation and pain.



  • Tea Tree oil is a great antiseptic and has the ability to treat wounds.  Make sure to dilute it because this is very powerful stuff and can damage your skin if you are not careful. Use this to treat acne, bacterial infections, cold sores, fungal infections,  and basically any skin ailment that you have issues with. Dandruff? Mix it with coconut oil and apply to hair and wash. Great as just a household cleaner, laundry freshener, or even insect repellent.
  • Lemon essential oil is wonderful for it’s familiar, fragrant smell that packs a powerful punch that you wouldn’t expect. Lemon oil is great as a natural disinfectant, teeth whitener, reducing acne, nourishing and hydrating skin and being a great household cleaner.
  • Peppermint essential oil is great due to it’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. It also has powerful painkiller and muscle relaxant effects, apply some to a massage oil to soothe a sore back or tense muscles. It’s great for clearing sinuses when you diffuse it in the room as well. It has an invigorating scent that uplifts and awakens you. It’s also recommended for its anti-nausea effects as well as being a great natural mouth wash and soothing an upset stomach.

Skin and hair growth:

Rosemary: This is a very powerful essential oil that is often used in natural hair growth treatments. Studies have shown that this is on par with certain medications such as minoxidil but safer because there are minimum side effects. This is also great for uplifting the spirit and aiding in memory so it is great to use when it is exam time. To help stimulate hair growth, simply add a few drops into a carrier oil and massage your hair with it.

Chamomile: Commonly used in tea, this oil is wonderful because of its inflammatory properties. It has many soothing traits that will calm you down while relieving itchy and scaly scalps. It conditions the hair and protects it from environmental damages, just mix it with jojoba oil for a soothing conditioner.

Rosehip: One of nature’s best kept secrets known to be used by the ancient Mayans and Egyptians because of its healing abilities. It’s full of great vitamins that nourish the skin that aid in protecting the skin while rejuvenating it. This is great for clearing skin blemishes, reducing scarring, and hydrating your skin while boosting your immune system.

What else?

You can now see that these oils don’t have any individual effects, there are a ton of uses to each individual oil. Avoid using products full of chemicals you don’t know that can cause you harm, and try out these products that humans have been using for centuries. There are a ton more uses on them and I believe they are great to have to improve many health issues you may face in life without spending a ton of products. Learn to make your own products for your issues with the right research and you will find a better quality of life and be able to help your friends with their health issues.


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