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The importance of it. We don’t realize how much better functioning people on good sleep compared to constantly being sleep deprived.  Learning how to maximize your sleep and sleeping effectively is very important.

 Here are some results from an experiment on signs of being sleep deprived.

“Moreover, it was found that mood is more affected by sleep deprivation than either cognitive or motor performance and that partial sleep deprivation has a more profound effect on functioning than either long-term or short-term sleep deprivation. Results indicate that the effects of sleep deprivation may be underestimated in some narrative reviews, particularly those concerning the effects of partial sleep deprivation.”(PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

Seems that affects your mood, and how quickly it can change. It also affects your cognition. This doesn’t help me, as a student who’s trying to strive for a better life. I’m looking to tune up; not a car, but myself. So I went looking for things that alleviated the symptoms of sleep deprivation.

This is where I will get into the wonderful world of Nootropics. Not only are you able to learn how to increase your focus, concentration, and cognition but you will learn how to maximize every component of your mind.  I am going to go into the experiences I’ve had with them and try to organize how to use them in different aspects of our lives.

Everyone improves their physique and well-being. You may not be aware of it, but we all have habits. Improving your paradigm will have substantial benefits in your life.

Perhaps by going to the gym to workout, run, meditate, perhaps diet or even change the environment you’re in? There are methods that will allow you to maximize how quickly you can do work. This could apply to any work you need to focus on, such as schoolwork for me.  Not just schoolwork, but being able to maximize the few hours I have or function on as little sleep I am sometimes can be beneficial.

This is an amazing video to meditate to. I incorporate music into these different aspects of life because everything is a vibration. Listening to the right vibrations can really get you in tune.

I will explain certain nootropics that will help your sleep. You will sleep more, sleep better, be more aware of sleep and how it works.

To anyone, anyone at all. Play this video while you sleep. Guaranteed you will sleep better.

Sleep well

Lavender oil is great on pillowcases. Essential oils are another method I will explain later on in the future. Diffuse it or even put it on if you dilute it. It’s even good for cleaning acne while benefitting your sleep with a few drops on a pillow. That’s absolutely amazing.


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