Why We Should Utilize Our Potential

Getting enough sleep, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and meditating are four different daily habits that most people know that are good for them. So why don’t most people do this?

Well, we should start looking at our lives from a different lens and take a step back. Being in the United States where accumulating wealth is priority for most individuals often includes lifestyles that are extremely stressful due to long working hours. Usually, it’s pretty difficult to maintain a lifestyle that is healthy because often we believe that it just isn’t possible to have enough time in the day to be able to do the activities that we truly want to do.

I know as a full-time student who works an extremely physically exhausting job and who is involved in many programs at my college to give back to my community and build myself as an individual, it’s extremely hard to maintain that lifestyle. It’s just easy to fall back on habits that make you feel good in the moment or give up sleep to do a task that should have been planned out and executed in a much more organized manner.

I’m not going to force my beliefs on people.

I believe everyone in this world is on their own journey and has a different experiences. We all go through pain, stress, sadness, feelings of worthlessness, periods of low energy, but on the same note we also go through happiness and gratitude and we all have energy inside of us that can be brought out and utilized instead of harnessing the negativity inside of us.

However, I do believe that there are methods to reduce the modern-day stresses we encounter and learn to create strategies and lifestyles that adapt to the obstacles we all encounter as individuals.  Every individual I meet in my life young and old, they all seem to be at a different part of their lives and at any point we all are able to learn from each other.

This is why I have looked into ways to maximize my potential as a human being, we are given these physical bodies but why do we not make the most of these vessels we’re in if we’re going to be in them for our time on this planet.

There are ways to get more energy, to increase our moods, to build motivation, to increase your concentration, your focus, your drive, your awareness, reduce the anxieties of the world, even sleep better, and maximize your mental function and physical performance.

I’m on a journey to explore these ways and organize my thoughts and I would love to receive any constructive feedback and learn from anybody out there on a similar journey as well.

I woke up at five AM for once I slept early, and I feel ready to start my Monday morning full of energy and motivation and am doing tasks that will make my life easier in the future to avoid extra stress I do not need. I don’t know if anyone will read what I post but I wish you the best in your journey and hope I can help people get a different perception of life from wherever they are.



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